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Yonkers Hand Surgeon

What is hand surgery?

Hand surgery is a medical procedure which can treat several conditions, ranging from minor injuries to chronic conditions, to severe impairment. Many people think hand surgery is only necessary if you break a bone in your hand, but hand surgery can actually be useful for many other conditions as well. Hand surgery is often performed to treat carpal tunnel syndrome (a condition caused by pressure on the median nerve and often associated with repetitive overuse), rheumatoid arthritis (severe inflammation that can impair movement), and dupuytren’s contracture (a disorder that can restrict movement and bend the fingers into a crippled position). Hand surgery can also be performed to treat broken bones and other traumatic injuries to the hand.

Why should I get hand surgery?

Hand surgery can relieve pain in the hand and provide improved strength, mobility, and flexibility in the hand. We use our hands every day cooking, washing, typing, and working. Having healthy, strong hands can allow you to be more productive, more effective at work, and live a pain-free life. For many people, hand surgery can be a life changing experience that frees them from pain and gives them back their mobility. If you want to get the most out of your life, and your hands are holding you back, then hand surgery may be for you.

Where is the best place to get hand surgery?

New York is a great place to get hand surgery! The state has several hand surgeons in scattered across the city and upstate. Albany is constantly growing and there are several hand surgeons who do a fantastic job treating their patients. Cities including Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo are also attracting new people, new businesses every day, and new hand surgeons every day. Closer to New York City, I’ve discovered several hand surgeons in Yonkers whose patients give great reviews. If you are in New York, you are in luck! We have found dozens of great New York hand surgeons right in your backyard.

How much does it cost?

The cost of hand surgery varies very widely, depending on the type of surgery, the severity of your condition, the hand surgeon you go to, and of course your health insurance provider. However, it is generally very affordable, and can provide invaluable improvement of your quality of life.

I recommend checking out Wikipedia’s Hand Surgery page for more info on hand surgery at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand_surgery