Do not blame your child for stuttering

As your child is about a year, she will start to imitate the way you speak. She will only be able to say a word at once. Later when she is about eighteen months, she has more vocabulary and she will be able to combine two words. This milestone should get your appreciation because your child has tried maximally to learn speaking the language. In this stage, you are supposed to support your child language development by asking her to talk and answer your question. Surely, until she is about two years or two years and a half, she will maximize her effort to combine, structure, gather, and remember the vocabularies.

These facts should make you understand when sometimes she stutters in answering your questions or following your instruction. She is thinking what she will say. In case, she answers your questions improperly, you must not be angry. It is common to make mistakes during the learning period. You should also be calm when she often stutters when she meets new persons. Commonly, parents will judge their children negatively due to the shyness in answering the new people’s greeting and questions. What you need to know is she is building her self confidence to greet someone new and she may be nervous. So, when she stutters you have to understand her situation.

Furthermore, blaming your child for stuttering is completely a mistake especially when she is under six years old. From one to six years old, your child is on the process of building her language competence included speaking. Do not interrupt while she is speaking because it will disturb her concentration. She will be more confused towards your interruption. Just imagine when you learn new language at school and how do you feel when you have to perform your new language in front of the class. You will be nervous and shy, right? So, let her finish her sentences and appreciate what she has said. This will build her self confidence and she will not stutter anymore.