Psychological reasons due to child stuttering

Child stuttering is commonly happened during the process of learning and producing ne language. In the world, there are a lot of children, teens, and even the adults who suffer from stuttering. You may look or check in your neighborhood and you will be easy to find some children under six years old with stuttering problem. As the part of learning, stuttering is not considered as problem. Certain language education experts say that stuttering can be seen as good sign, because it shows that the children are learning and trying hard to produce the language. However, stuttering should be treated seriously if it affects the daily activities.

Six years old children need to communicate each day and perform tasks at school. Stuttering will disturb the way they perform at school and they cannot communicate properly while paying with friends. The worse is these children may get some mockery from their friends. So, if you notice the stuttering signs on your child, you need to remember what you have done to her. It is based on the facts that psychological reason is the main source that creates stuttering in children. Remember the way you treat your child carefully. Traumatic experiences can affect the child to start stutter while speaking. These kinds of experiences cause anxiety and deep stress.

Your child close environment can be the main location where she gets the traumatic experiences. In addition, the way you parent her plays an important role. Too much yelling and anger can be the source of her stuttering. Or, perhaps she has experience with humiliation from you or people around your child. As a result, she become shy and will be afraid to start and do conversation, and even she will avoid it. This psychological condition can make her isolate herself from involving in conversation. Of course, this is so bad for now and her future. That is why you need to evaluate the parenting method you have applied on your child and do certain things needed to overcome the stuttering as soon as possible.