Stuttering therapies at home, is it possible?

After noticing you’re your child has to struggle with stuttering problem, there are two things you have to do. First, you have to find the reasons or sources, and second, you need to start the therapy. Some parents choose to consult with the specialist or psychologist because they really have no knowledge about stuttering. Specialist will automatically act based on the children case and find the stuttering reasons based on the facts and tests. After that, he will decide the suitable therapy for the children. However, this can be costly. In this economic situation, a lot of parents need to think twice before they decide to look for professional help although it is urgently required.

Starting the therapy at home becomes another choice as long as you have known the sources of the stuttering on your child. You need about four until six months to determine the reasons. What you should do at home is not curing the stuttering, but you are training your child to speak smoothly and communicate better. You may go online to gather lots of information related to this case. This helps you a lot in knowing what to do and what not to do. In encouraging your child to produce the language, you need to let her think what to say. While she is speaking, listen patiently and do not cut what your child say.

Your child will feel that she is appreciated. This is based on the facts that most stuttering cases happen due to shyness and bad experiences in the past. Boosting your child self confidence should be done step by step. You cannot expect instant result. Simple activities like drawing or making paper toys can be done. Ask her to explain what she draws, the character, the activities, and the reasons why she chooses certain colors. She may not give you long and clear explanation but you have to appreciate her explanation. It shows that she is trying hard to answer your questions. Keep smiling and give your child the best you can do. Then, do not forget to help her with the school task because it is good for increasing her self confidence.